High Quality Products

  • Credit
    The Paragon Credit Solution is known as the leading credit risk management solution for today's complex, fast-paced energy trading environment. Used by energy companies of all sizes, Paragon provides that comprehensive set of tools, analytics and critical information needed by credit risk professionals in a sophisticated and intuitive, yet affordable, solution. Whether delivered via the web from a world-class hosting facility or installed within your site, Paragon's class leading capabilities combined with our experienced and dedicated consulting and support teams will ensure you are in control of all the risks associated with managing credit in the complex and dynamic energy markets today and into the future…all at a price that is accessible for companies of every size and ensures the lowest TCO of any competitive product. Credit Management Paragon’s Credit Manager provides complete coverage of cross entity, cross commodity, cross currency, and cross trade type exposure that reflects each counterparty’s contractual agreement, whether standardized NAESB, EEI, or ISDA master agreements, or complex and/or unique combinations of contractual credit terms and collateral requirements. Paragon has been designed…
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  • ETRM
    Built by a team of highly experienced energy trading and risk management technologists, Paragon ETRM provides market leading capabilities for energy traders, marketers, producers, and mid-stream enterprises - all in an affordable, yet flexible solution for managing your business in today’s dynamic markets. Whether delivered via the web from a world-class hosting facility or installed within your site, Paragon ETRM’s deep functional capabilities, combined with Paragon’s experienced and dedicated consulting and support teams, ensure you have the tools and business intelligence you need to profitably manage your energy business…all at a price that is accessible for companies of every size. Functionally Rich Paragon ETRM has the functionality you need to manage your energy trading, marketing and production operations with full front to back office capabilities. Our solution offers full origination-to-settlement capabilities, including trade capture for both physical and financial products, scheduling and actualization of physical movements, position management and valuation, risk management with sophisticated risk analytics, full G/L accounting and, of course, the most complete credit and credit risk management capabilities available in an ETRM…
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  • Services
    Founded by ETRM industry veterans and dedicated to ensuring the successful deployment and on-going use of our products, Paragon has developed a class leading approach to ensure all clients are fully equipped to use Paragon’s products to address the complex and critical issues facing today’s energy companies. Paragon works closely with all of our customers to ensure their success with our software; and, through those efforts, we have earned a reputation in the industry as being the company that goes the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that success. Our implementations, though comprehensive in scope, are measured in weeks, not the months or even years of competing systems. Paragon takes pride in delivering on our commitment to our clients – to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, at the lowest cost. We’re proud of our expert services and support; and when combined with our products’ usability, configurability and completeness “out of the box”, we set the industry standard in delivering the very best customer service, satisfaction and value from the first day of the implementation project,…
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  • Technology
    Paragon maintains a consistent technology stack comprised of the latest web development tools across all our solutions. Our design philosophy focuses on providing users a highly usable and intuitive interface that is familiar, easily navigable, and provides a rich assortment of graphs and visual cues that facilitate the rapid consumption of information in order to make quicker and more informed decisions. Deployment As technology costs continue to rise, more companies are considering cost-efficient cloud-based solutions for their mission critical systems. Paragon has built our products from the ground-up to address this emerging requirement, allowing customers to select the deployment method that makes sense for them. Our clients that choose cloud delivery receive the same benefits as those that choose to deploy on their own servers, but with a potentially lower overall cost, and with the availability and security assurances that come from having their products running within the industry standard Amazon Cloud. Technology Platform All of Paragon’s products share a common technical development and deployment platform. Utilizing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)/.NET on the client, and…
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