Built by a team of highly experienced energy trading and risk management technologists, Paragon ETRM provides market leading capabilities for energy traders, marketers, producers, and mid-stream enterprises - all in an affordable, yet flexible solution for managing your business in today’s dynamic markets. Whether delivered via the web from a world-class hosting facility or installed within your site, Paragon ETRM’s deep functional capabilities, combined with Paragon’s experienced and dedicated consulting and support teams, ensure you have the tools and business intelligence you need to profitably manage your energy business…all at a price that is accessible for companies of every size.

Functionally Rich

Paragon ETRM has the functionality you need to manage your energy trading, marketing and production operations with full front to back office capabilities. Our solution offers full origination-to-settlement capabilities, including trade capture for both physical and financial products, scheduling and actualization of physical movements, position management and valuation, risk management with sophisticated risk analytics, full G/L accounting and, of course, the most complete credit and credit risk management capabilities available in an ETRM product. Paragon ETRM is the solution for companies seeking a functionally rich, yet affordable, solution for managing physical and financial gas, NGL, and crude trading and marketing.

Highly Usable

Paragon understands the difficulties that users have adapting to a new ETRM solution. Our solution is designed to ensure easy and flexible user configurability, via Excel-like interfaces, facilitating rapid user training and ensuring those user are equipped to “do it themselves” with little or no IT intervention. This design philosophy ensures high user satisfaction and lower internal and external support costs. With flexible grids for data viewing and entry, exportable report formats and extensive templating, Paragon ETRM provides your team the capabilities and flexibility they need to do their jobs.

Latest Technology

All of Paragons solutions are built on the most advanced web-centric architectures available. Utilizing the latest in flexible web development technologies, our solutions offer a number of deployment options, including a fully hosted solution, helping to reduce internal support costs and ensure the highest levels of system reliability, availability and security.

Leading Customer Support and Collaboration

Paragon constantly strives to be the best partner to each of our customers. Our experienced team of business and product specialists understands your needs and works diligently to ensure you have the best product guidance and technical support available. We constantly strive to maintain our track record of having all our customers satisfied and acting as references for us. Our record of service and support for our customers speaks for itself – we implement on time, on budget – while ensuring each user is fully equipped with the right training and tools necessary to successfully use our system to better manage their daily activities. Our implementation methodologies, developed with the knowledge provided by decades of experience in this industry, ensure our customers enjoy the shortest, and least costly, implementation available from any vendor of leading ETRM products.

Post-implementation, Paragon works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure their solutions are addressing both their current and emergent needs in a complex and dynamic energy market. The markets will continue to evolve at a rapid pace – we will ensure you have the solutions you need to stay ahead of the changes.

Delivering the Highest Possible Value

Paragon ETRM’s combination of depth of energy-specific functionality, a design that helps ensure user satisfaction, low cost to license and implement, and flexible deployment options ensure your technology investment will return the highest possible value for your company.

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