Founded by ETRM industry veterans and dedicated to ensuring the successful deployment and on-going use of our products, Paragon has developed a class leading approach to ensure all clients are fully equipped to use Paragon’s products to address the complex and critical issues facing today’s energy companies. Paragon works closely with all of our customers to ensure their success with our software; and, through those efforts, we have earned a reputation in the industry as being the company that goes the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that success. Our implementations, though comprehensive in scope, are measured in weeks, not the months or even years of competing systems.
Paragon takes pride in delivering on our commitment to our clients – to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, at the lowest cost. We’re proud of our expert services and support; and when combined with our products’ usability, configurability and completeness “out of the box”, we set the industry standard in delivering the very best customer service, satisfaction and value from the first day of the implementation project, and through years of ongoing use. Implementation Services and Support – With decades of experience in ETRM and Energy Credit Risk, our team of services and support experts is unrivaled in the industry. Our implementation methodology is founded in the belief that our products should always first and foremost address the needs of the users. As such, much of the work during the implementation process will focus on ensuring each user is equipped with the proper configurations and tools, backed by our in-depth training, that ensure their successful use of the system from day one.
Our services, like our products, are flexible and customizable to meet each customer’s needs, Paragon is staffed to provide the following capabilities to ensure our customer’s success:

  • Project Management
  • Implementation planning
  • Definition of business process and technology requirements
  • Data conversion and loading
  • Development of extended capabilities to address unique processes or assets
  • Technical integration
  • Scenario and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Training
  • Post-implementation support

Paragon Support

Paragon maintains an expertly staffed Help Desk and back line support organization that can address any customer issues that may arise. Our team helps ensure your mission critical systems are available when you need them and are providing the highest possible value to your organization. Customization – Occasionally, an energy company will have a unique business process or asset that is not adequately addressed by any available vendor supplied system. In these instances, Paragon can supply the expertise and experience necessary to extend the capabilities of our products to better match the customer’s unique and specific needs.

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